Social Media Research

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Social Media Research

Social media research is based on analysing data derived from systems monitoring the internet and the social media. A significant challenge posed by analysing discussions in social media lies in deciding what the internet users are actually talking about. Language, in particular online language, is very difficult to analyse automatically.

This is why IRCenter offers a dedicated service that consists in qualitative analysis of content, i.e. manual categorisation of a representative sample of statements made by internet users on a given topic. Such in-depth conclusions from the research might be of particular benefit in the following situations:

Analysing discussions in social media is not the only service that is offered in the area of social media research. Analysing data from official touchpoints between the brand and the customer in social media (e.g. fanpage, YouTube channel, Instagram profile) makes it possible to:

  • optimize individual elements of the brand community (e.g. thanks to the fanpage audit);
  • stand out from the competitors both in terms of the communication and marketing activities (e.g. thanks to the communication audit);
  • recreate the communication funnel between individual online touchpoints (purchase journey).