SEO & SEM Research

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<ab />SEO</abbr> & <abbr>SEM</abbr> research

It is now possible to look up any information in a search engine, and to find any product on an auction portal or an app in a mobile store. Thus positioning the search results is becoming of key significance for those brands that carry out active pro-sales operations online or those that just wish to stay close to the consumer at all times. Delivering content, advice or entertainment when the customer searches for it makes it possible for the brands not only to become and important element of the customer’s life, but also shape and build its image.

The main challenge faced by SEO and SEM research consists in abandoning the strictly analytical thinking and moving towards data integration and combining research perspectives. IRCenter recommends such a solution to its clients, as it leads to treating marketing in desktop and mobile search engines as an integral element of each marketing campaign that employs content marketing.

In order to determine the role of search engines (including Google, AppStore) in content marketing communication, the following research solutions might be of use:

  • context gap analysis, intended to identify topics to communicate that have not yet been seized by the competition, that enjoy a growing interest among the consumers and there are not too much content in digital media about them;
  • analysing the impact and efficiency of activities undertaken within search engines (SEM) with respect to brand image and reputation building;
  • auditing online services, intended to determine the role and the relations among all brand services, including website, brand fanpage, Twitter profile, which in translates into forming a relevant purchase journey;
  • auditing search results (SEO audit), intended to optimize the results shwon to the consumers and protecting brand reputation.