Quantitative Research

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hand drawing check box, business concept
hand drawing check box, business concept

Quantitative research is carried out both on the research panel contributors (panel research) and on an as-needed basis recruitment basis, following the evolving definition of the target group (real time sampling). In order to increase the engagement of the respondents, we use different forms of questions (e.g. drag & drop, clickmaps) and gamification elements in drawing up the questionnaire.

In terms of quantitative research, we offer:

  • brand awareness studies;
  • campaign awareness and perception studies;
  • market research and analyses;
  • segmentation research;
  • usage and attitudes research;
  • tracking and panel research;
  • image research.

We collect data via our own software – a research panel; we also obtain data from proven partners who specialise in recruiting internet users. The criteria we use while selecting individual data suppliers are closely related to the needs of the Client. Depending on the purpose of the study, we recommend selecting the optimal supplier.