Online communities

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Online communities

Being one step ahead of the consumer is more and more frequently becoming a factor that decides whether the brand thrives or disappears. It is particularly visible as we communicate with a consumer that actively uses the available digital channels and is able to express their opinion about a brand, service, or customer service thanks to the social communities. This is why marketers that listen to and learn from consumers will be able to build a permanent competitive advantage and will stand out on the market.

Using expert communities that will be able to deliver valuable (and actionable) insights at the level of a brand, product, consumers and engagement based on cooperation and thought exchange (crowdsourcing) will largely translate into efficiency of business processes.

IRCenter uses a set of techniques and engagement tools, like polls, online surveys, group discussions, and the relevant structure and underlying logic of the research (using gamification and storytelling elements) that take full advantage of the potential of expert communities.

Integration of data derived from traditional qualitative research (e.g. virtual ethnography, FGI, or IDI) with behavioural data derived from add-ons installed in the web browsers and on mobile phones makes it possible to recreate e.g. behaviour patterns and user flow online (purchase journey) or verify the potential of marketing creations (communication efficiency).

The ability to conduct and manage the communication with the experts also makes it possible to use such communities to identify consumer trends (trendspotting) that might be used at the product development stage (innovation development), for marketing communication (liquid content) or managing the brand online (building brands online).

Online communities might be created within the IRCenter research community or as dedicated expert communities, with fully branded sites. The technology is provided by Digital:MR.