Selfie in CEE

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Selfie in <ab />CEE</abbr>

In selfies we share positive images of ourselves with the world. Thanks to their analysis we can say how we want to present ourselves in happy and exciting moments. And that is how IRCenter described Internet users living in Eastern Europe.Some guys take pictures of themselves – alone or with friends – and use #selfie in its description. And they use more hashtags, describing the moment of its taking. We wanted to find out what are these hashtags on Instagram and Facebook and how these guys describe themselves accordingly. It was interesting to see whether people from different countries differ among themselves or Eastern Europeans are similar in their aspirational images. We have analysed that and that many of selfies published during that and that period.

One may take a closer look at selfies just for fun. But it is also interesting for sociologists and marketers because it provides insights on identities of heavy social media users. It gives us insights on our most positive emotions that we want to share with others or provides perspective of their own aspirational images.

Obviously, selfies are the best to use in scope of viral campaigns, basing on emotions, just like Coca-Cola does it. But it also tells us which topics to address in copies applied in national and international campaigns targeted at young tech-savvy and reasonably well-off consumers. Emotions dominate in the most popular selfie hashtags of all the guys from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These are #love, #smile, #happy, #smile and most often they come along with #friends and #summer. Most of the parties with #selfie take place in Lithuania.

Poles and Czechs are the only one in CEE to enjoy presenting the ideal national image of guys and girls (#polishboy, #polishgirl, #czechgirl), so cosmetic producers may execute their photo campaigns in Poland and Czech Republic. Also clothing industry may benefit from looking at latest trends in fashion.

Only Hungarians (Ikozosseg is the biggest selfie community in Hungary) and Estonians are proud of their cities (esp. using such hastags as #Budapest and #Tallin). It’s interesting that other capital cities are totally left behind, also some of them are quite popular (e.g. Prague) among the whole Europe.

Latvians are the only one to take selfies with their #family, while #lithuanians more often take selfies with their #friends. Maybe it is because in Latvia Social Media are more intergenerational. Hashtags analysis is not a standard type of the analysis of data coming from the Internet. It focuses on words, while their understanding come from comparing the tags with the picture, what makes all the analysis qualitative. On the other hand it does not differ from photo-oriented ethnography applied in traditional market research. What is totally different, is that the analyses may be performed in real-time and presented in forms of Key Performance Indicators, comparable to other data from the web.

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