Browsing technologies

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Browsing technology

Modern technologies that measure the behaviour of consumers that actively use digital media also enable the researchers to gain in-depth knowledge about them, as well as reach the consumers at the exact moment they performed a given action online, e.g. they clicked an advert, filled in a form on a website or shared an article online.

Our research panel allows marketers and researchers to conduct panel research (a general population research panel or dedicated research panels) not only by obtaining information from consumers in the form of answers to questions posed or to online surveys, but also by gaining detailed information about their behaviour online and on mobile devices (behavioural data). A browser add-on and a mobile add-on provided to the respondent allows IRCenter to:

  • reach respondents as they perform a given action and learn their motivation behind the given behaviour;
  • recreate the internet usage paths, with respect to computers, laptops and mobile devices;
  • measure the efficiency of advertising activities on the ROPO effect and the reversed ROPO effect (purchase panel);
  • measure the usage and the context of using digital and mobile media (media panel).

Browser technologies, next to analysing and collecting data on consumer activity in digital media, make it possible to integrate declarative data (responses granted within a research project), behavioural data (activity data) and social data (it is required to log in using a social app to activate the add-on).