Actionable insights

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Actionable Insights

The dynamic character of communication in digital media forces marketers to make quick decisions, based on reliable and precise data (data driven marketing), which may be easily adapted for business purposes. This is why IRCenter puts so much emphasis on drawing up recommendations on the next steps (data driven consulting).

The key element of each digital business is time. Consumers are active almost round the clock and more and more frequently expect personalised contact and care from brands and organisations. One of the benefits of actionable insights is the dynamic optimization of communication with the consumer, so that the consumer is engaged through attractive content at the touchpoints that are natural to the consumer (purchase journey). The first conclusions from the social media research and the search engine research (context gaps) are available in only 5 days.

Actionable insights might also be used to analyse data from Google Analytics and from the online discussions about an app, website or fanpages. They are then used to form recommendations (quick wins) how to improve the functioning of the service to increase the probability of reaching the adopted KPIs.

Consulting based on actionable insights also works at the stage of selecting the campaign concept. The decision to conduct regional (cross-country) campaigns might be an example of such approach in action, where the quick analysis of the volume and discussion sentiments e.g. about popular sports, we might eliminate the risk that a campaign will fail in a given country, as the sport selected for the campaign is not the one that is currently popular.

The approach based on actionable insights focuses on four areas, i.e.:

What is particularly important for a brand manager is the fact that the entire process takes place practically on its own. Adjustments are usually made by the agency as-needed.

Actionable insights are usually carried out based on the qualitative research methodology online, e.g. virtual ethnography, social media research, i.e. discussions. Conclusions and recommendations are drawn up by dedicated strategic consultants.