Communication Efficiency

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Communication Efficiency

Being able to contact the target group practically immediately allows the marketers not only to optimize the marketing message on the fly, it also enables them to build a database of benchmarks and learning, which improves future results in terms of conversion (CTR), profitability (ROI) or business objectives (KPI).

Effective advertising activity in digital media requires applying relevant instruments of business intelligence and online analytics. Consumer data and opinions gathered on demand, presented as standardised benchmarks, allow brand marketers not only to optimize the marketing mix, but also to increase the impact of the activities by adjusting the original objectives of the campaign and content marketing activities.

We deliver data and conclusions to marketers in the following areas:

  • measuring the brand image, based both on the quantitative research results and social media data;
  • evaluating touchpoints, in particular, auditing online and mobile brand channels, including websites, mobile apps, fanpages or YouTube channels;
  • evaluating marketing copy, in order to improve the efficiency of content marketing and video marketing;
  • evaluating and measuring advertising campaigns, both in terms of consumers’ declarations and opinions published online;
  • optimising media plans, in particular profitability (ROI), conversion (e.g. CTR) or media (e.g. TV, VoD, Mobile, Facebook).

In our work, we use econometric modelling and online data analytic. The project’s result consists in determining the real KPI of the brand, both in terms of conversion and profit, as well as providing support while implementing the adopted objectives.