Liquid Content

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Liquid Content

The effects of the content marketing activities helps optimize media costs in the organisation (e.g. Coca Cola Content 2020) and increase sales both for content creators and content suppliers. Content marketing is not limited to creating branded content published in social media that engage certain target groups.

In order to take full advantage of the potential offered by content marketing solutions (and other related business areas, like public relations or inbound marketing), the brands should first and foremost focus on creating unique content that is currently the most in demand, and delivering it to consumers through channels that are most intuitive for consumers. These activities translate into increased outreach and engagement of consumers, improving their loyalty and value (customer lifetime value).

This makes it necessary to base content marketing on two pillars: fast identification of new consumer trends (trendspotting) and the ability to translate them quickly into particular actions and benefits for the brand (actionable insights).

We advise in implementing and optimising content marketing activities in the following areas:

  • indicating thematic areas that create the opportunity to reach new target group and to activate current users (context gaps);
  • target group and its purchasing potential;
  • outreach channels to the target group (media and opinion leaders);
  • context, in which interactions with content take place;
  • brand and the impact of content marketing communication on the brand (concept tests).

To achieve this, we use data from multiple sources, e.g. social media, search engines, surveys, and in-depth individual interviews with opinion leaders.