Digital Consumers

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Digital Consumers

The new generation of consumers, who have been surrounded by digital technologies from early childhood, is now taking the floor and imposing its own market rules. This is why the brands that start listening to the digital consumers and adjusting strategies to their needs will be likely to gain a significant advantage over the competition. Step by step, they will be able to adapt their sales channels, messages and presence to the currently forming behaviour patterns of digital consumers.

We are aware how engagement is important to a digital consumer, and we adapted the research tools accordingly, so that they would treat participation in the research as a challenge, not as an opportunity to earn money. Using virtual expert communities as a space for conducting research projects allows us to help brands and organisations, for example, to:

  • understand key market trends that determine consumer behaviours (trendspotting), including multiscreening, omnichannel, showromming;
  • adjust content to the changing needs of the consumers and create content-spreading schemes based on social recommendations (liquid content);
  • select the relevant access channels and touchopoints with the consumer, looking, for example, for the most reliable sources of information about the product or opinion leaders (vloggers, bloggers, journalists, etc.);
  • identify contexts where interaction happens, e.g. family events, holidays, random events (falling ill) and analyse them dynamically (CRM);
  • use data from individual touchpoints and manage leads (lead nurturing).

The project is carried out on an interactive research platform that uses tools that are appropriate for both quantitative and qualitative research, both on the computer and on mobile devices. The platform also collects detailed data on online usage by the computer and mobile devices (phone, tablet) of the participants.