Culinary Czechs. Insights & inspirations

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Culinary Czech Inspirations Insights

Social Media marketing and search engine marketing will be key drivers of successful digital communication of culinary brands in the following year. Those brands will have to adjust to the evolving needs of consumers, who are thinking about quitting diet in favor of meat meals and Italian cuisine.

Every second Internaut in Czech Republic looks for culinary inspiration on web portals (50,1%), culinary czech sources of inspirationaccording to the study prepared by IRCenter in October 2014. In the following year marketers might expect significant increase of the importance of Social Media as the main space of culinary recommendations, especially when it comes to Facebook. During the last 12 months, share of content published on this biggest social media platform increased by 22%. In the meantime, the share of published content on web portals dropped down by 11%.

In Czech Republic traditional cookbooks remain the most popular source of culinary recommendations (51,9%), especially for those who cook for their family (39% of Czech Internauts) and consumers who cook with their partner (38% of Czech Internauts). However, Internet is the most important source of culinary recommendations and inspirations for the youngest segment of consumers, that is singles, who cook only for themselves (47% of them choose culinary web portals as a main source of culinary knowledge).

Czech Internauts who look for recipes on the Internet most often use search engines to find exactly what they are looking for – more than 80% of web traffic on the most popular culinary web portals comes from and In comparison, average share of direct visits amounts only to 12% of whole web traffic. It is interesting that from among ten most popular culinary web portals, only two effectively used social media channels to acquire valuable web traffic (average size of fanpage – 90 thousand fans, average monthly web traffic – 150 thousand visits).

culinary czech trending categoriesEvolution of most popular culinary digital touchpoints is not the only one currently taking place in Czech Republic. Change is also observed in the context of consumers’ needs and motivations to interact with culinary content on Social Media. Most popular categories of recipes (cakes and sweet recipes, vegetarian cuisine) is slowly losing consumers’ interest. In comparison to 2013, the number of recipes related to the abovementioned categories dropped down respectively by 6% and 16%. In the meantime, Internauts in Czech Republic are more and more often sharing content on meat meals and Italian cuisine (pizza & pastas). Share of both categories in whole discussion about recipes during the last 12 months increased by more than 10% each. For culinary marketers high potential lies also in salads and recipes based on fish and seafood. Those recipes are relatively more often searched by Internauts, whereas there is lack of valuable content on them in Czech Social Media and Internet.
Last 12 months in Czech Social Media were dominated by brands that communicate with younger segments of consumers (sweet brand on Facebook) and brands that offer products for young mother with new-born children (YouTube). Moreover, Czech consumers do not seem to be very loyal to culinary web portals, due to the fact that most of the traffic on culinary web pages comes from search engines. Recommendations based on such observations gives us hope that during forthcoming 12 months there will be a chance to create new leaders in culinary digital landscape in Czech Republic.

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About research: Research „Culinary Czechs. Insights & inspirations” was prepared by research & consultancy agency IRCenter based on quantitative data gathered among Czech Internauts (MindBridge) and monitoring of discussion in Czech Social Media (Sentione).[/fusion_text]