About Us


We are passionate about market research!

  • We gained experience in the largest research agencies in Poland.
  • We specialize in bespoke projects tailored to the client's category, consulting, training and workshops, and close cooperation.
  • We do traditional and modern quantitative and qualitative research with classic and modern technologies, in a conscious and competent manner.
  • We provide actionable knowledge on how to develop brands and services across offline and online channels and help the client to better understand consumer behaviour in both worlds.

We could go on and on about the capabilities, the tools… but the fact is that our biggest asset is our people: their experience, their broad knowledge of the consumer, and their passion for Research.

Dorota Peretiatkowicz

badaczka ilościowa, Partnerka w firmie IRCenter

  • Sociologist, in market research since the 1990s. Has worked in CASE, Ipsos, GfK and IQS.
  • She specialises in analyses combining the traditional sociological approach with the foundations of the theory of personality psychology.
  • Dorota is one of the authors of the project dedicated to children and Polish families (Kids Power and Family Power) and one of the leaders of the project about women in Poland (Women's World) and the mature generation (Adults Power).
  • Speaker at many industry conferences, presenting a completely new approach to consumer segmentation.
  • At IRCenter responsible for the comprehensive implementation of quantitative research.

Katarzyna Krzywicka-Zdunek

badaczka jakościowa, Partnerka w firmie IRCenter

  • Sociologist, in market research for 25 years. Has worked at Pentor, Millward Brown (now Kantar TNS) and IQS.
  • Qualitative researcher, specialising in research dedicated to diverse target groups.
  • She is the originator behind a unique project on the Polish market dedicated to parents and children (Kids Power and Family Power), and a leader in the field of strategies of Polish women (Women's World) and youth (Youth’s World).
  • Conducts workshops and is a speaker at industry speeches.
  • Member of PTBRiO.
  • At IRCenter responsible for the application of qualitative research.

Michał Kot

badacz ilościowy, Partner w firmie IRCenter

  • Helps clients choose a research solution for business challenges.
  • Over 25 years in market research. Has worked at Ipsos, Gemius, IIBR and IQS.
  • Quantitative researcher. Thoroughly familiar with both offline and online research. Has extensive experience in broadly understood consumer research, media research, communities and new technologies.
  • A speaker at numerous industry presentations. Conducts workshops and training.
  • Lecturer at the Kozminski University. Member of PTBRiO. He graduated in economics.
  • At IRCenter he is involved in the development of quantitative research and new business.

Janusz Sielicki

badacz ilościowy, Partner w firmie IRCenter

  • CEO at IRCenter. Studied mathematics at the UW, and a graduate in biology at the University of Lomonosov in Moscow.
  • In market research since 1995, has worked at CBM Indicator, GfK Polonia, and IIBR among others, where his positions included director of research department (GfK) and research director (GfK, IIBR).
  • Specialisation: new research technologies, advanced analysis and research tools, online research, customer loyalty and employee users research.
  • At IRCenter he oversees the company's operations and quantitative and social media research. Member of PTBRiO.
  • Passionately involved in nature protection both at home in Poland and internationally, for example the recovery of the peregrine falcon in Poland (www.peregrinus.pl).