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Innovation Development

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Digital Consumers

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digital cooking in czech republic

Digital Coooking in Czech Republic 2014 – syndicated report

Buy our syndicated report describing culinary trends and habits of Czech Internet users and their online and mobile sources of culinary inspirations. Culinary topics are some of the most…


Digital Coooking in Czech Republic 2014 – syndicated report

In our research first we answer following questions:

  • Who are the people using the Internet and mobile apps for cooking? How many of them there are?
  • Which digital touchpoints they use for different topics regarding cooking and how?
  • What trends are shaping the digital culinary landscape in Czech Republic?

Secondly, we focused on how a brand can gain from various types of digital marketing actions: landing pages, social networking services, mobile apps and e-commerce. In order to do so, a brand has also to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of these types of actions.

Research Digital cooking will be presented, for the first time, during Babel Camp 2014, a meeting taking place in Brno on 6th of September. Selected parts of the report will be afterwards presented in form of case studies, available to download for free.

Our research is based on the combination of quantitative data gathered by Czech based research agency Mindbridge among the members of its web access panel, consumers discussions taking place in social media and the analysis of their search behaviour (Google data). Mobile part of the report was based on user experience analysis.

IRCenter is a CEE based research and consulting agency, specializing in digital marketing (CEE & German speaking markets). We cooperate with end clients and marketing agencies in scope of delivering insights, active and passive tracking and campaign audits.

If you are interested in buying a complete and comprehensive results of our syndicated research, please contact with us!

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