Our specializations

Combining research perspectives and integrating different data sources to deliver practical recommendations on brand marketing and product development.


Innovation Development

Photo credit to https://essayontime.com.au. As the communication technologies develop, more and more significance is gained by new forms of direct cooperation among the consumers or between the…


Digital Consumers

The new generation of consumers, who have been surrounded by digital technologies from early childhood, is now taking the floor and imposing its own market rules….


Digital Purchase Journey

The journey a consumer takes from becoming interested in the given offer – from analysing alternatives, purchasing and having the experience (NPS) to long-term loyalty – is…


Digital TV

The internet and the television are now merging. Each of them may have a positive influence on the other. IRCenter helps you improve the ratings of TV…



digital cooking in czech republic

Digital Coooking in Czech Republic 2014 – syndicated report

Buy our syndicated report describing culinary trends and habits of Czech Internet users and their online and mobile sources of culinary inspirations. Culinary topics are some of the most…


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